Sociable Crafting

We simply couldn’t be where we are now, about to launch, without the immeasurable help we’ve had along the way. What started out as a scribbled thought and a list of 4 phone numbers took on a life of its own within minutes. In about the space of a fortnight, Craftable became real.

So this page is for us to share our thanks with those who have made it possible, given us pointers, encouraged us, supported us, and who continue to do all these wonderful things every day.

First – thank you to Allan at The Art Ministry for allowing me to shadow one of his sessions. I learned a huge amount that afternoon, and left walking on air – a truly life-affirming experience.

Next – thank you to Susannah and Emily at Southend Association of Voluntary Services (SAVS). Your time, help, support and enthusiasm has been inspiring.

Thanks too to Pauline and Tina at The Vibe for giving Craftable a meeting place, and making us so welcome. Without you, there would be no Craftable.

Thank you to those who have donated supplies and money. Nothing is too little to count – you are generous, lovely people and we greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you to all those who have offered services, supplies, help, and good wishes. You keep us going.

Friday edit: Thank you Anniken (Yarn Addict Anni) for 3 kilos of yarny scrumminess.


Some new Thank Yous to:  Harry W for driving all the way from Letchworth with a donation of yarn and needles; and to for supplying them.

A MAHOOSive thank you to the Rosca Trust for funding that will see us through for a good while to come; and also to Olympus Keymed for funding towards specialist equipment which will make it easier for adults with limited hand use to participate in crafting activities.