Sociable Crafting

Found this on Twitter…

Episode 062: Leah Churchley on Combatting Chronic Illness with Crafting

At Craftable we’re living proof.  Long-term physical and mental health issues, usually in combination, are isolating – physically and socially.  By coming together to craft as a group, we are also spending time talking, laughing, sharing and helping each other.  In doing so, we learn from each other and support each other.

On the move!

We’re moving – it’s official!

From Wednesday 3 May, Craftable is on the move to The Cricket Pavilion, Garon Park. After 16 happy months of Tuesday meetings at SAVS, we are going back to our Wednesday slot at the new venue.

This means that we will NOT be meeting on Tuesday 2 May. As we’ll be finding our feet and getting used to the new arrangements, please bring along your own projects, although the colouring bag will be coming with me as usual.

So that’s 1.30 till 4.30 pm, Weds 3 May, at The Cricket Pavilion. Please text me if you need a little more help or need to talk about the changes.

Jen x


Craftable’s AGM has been a little delayed this year so it will be held on Tuesday 7 February 2017 within our usual Tuesday meeting slot.  All members are encouraged to come along and take part.

Hope to see you all there 🙂


Christmas 2016

Advance notice of closing times!  This year we will be holding our last session before Christmas on Tuesday, 13th December.  There will be no group for 2 weeks, but we will be back open for business on Tuesday 3 January 2017, starting at our usual time of 1.30 pm.

It’s still a bit early, but who cares – Season’s Greetings to you all 🙂

In March I was invited to give a TV interview to talk about My Brilliant Moment in relation to Craftable.

Well, a dear friend has uploaded it to Youtube and it can be found here:

I really hope it helps to raise awareness for those for whom medication alone cannot provide the answer – because there are no meds for loneliness.

Table Sale – all welcome!

On Saturday 14 May, we will be holding a table sale for Craftable at Westcliff Free Church, London Road, Westcliff (corner of Ronald Park Ave).  Entry is free, and the theme is crafting.  Supplies, handmade gifts, kits etc will be available plus the usual bric-a-brac, books, toys and games, toiletries etc.  There will of course be homemade cakes and refreshments available too.

Come along and say hello, and bag a bargain or too!

Doors open at 11am and close at 3pm.


I opened up Craftable’s emails this morning to find a message from Crowstone Engineering, a local firm I often see recommended on the Streetlife website.

The email says:

Hi Jen

Your organisation has been randomly selected to receive a charitable donation from our company as a small thank you to fellow street lifers for supporting us…

… [we] would like to make a BACS payment to for £100.00 within the next few days…


May we congratulate you on this good luck and sincerely wish you the very best for your organisation in the future.


Kindest Regards




My heartfelt thanks, and I’m sure those of all our members, go to Crowstone Engineering for their generosity.


On Saturday, Jen was interviewed by a company called MediaTrust for inclusion in a show called “My Brilliant Moment”.  This will be aired on the Community Channel (Freeview HD 53) and will also be available to watch on catch-up tv services such as BBC iPlayer. It was a really exciting experience to be able to talk about Craftable, its aims and goals and its wonderful members, in a show that regularly reaches around half a million viewers.

Watch this space – more details will be forthcoming about when the show will be aired, and there should also be a direct link from this page.

News for February

In the past few months, thanks to SAVS ( and their unstinting help and support, Craftable has come a long way.  We have a new home, regular members, and a lot of interest from potential new members.

Today Jen met with a few organisations who offer financial support and funding to local community groups and charities, and Craftable now has its first funding bid in place.  Obviously, with so many worthwhile causes running in Southend and the surrounding area, there is competition for the available funding, so the next few weeks will be a little bit nerve-wracking while we await the results.  There will be another “Meet the Funder” event towards the end of March so fingers crossed!