This week has been really busy. We’ve sent off the paperwork for our bank account, taken our first donations, and had a really productive meeting with SAVS, Southend’s Association of Voluntary Services. As a result, we now know to whom we should be applying for funding, and have already submitted our first funding application to the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund. To become the People’s Choice and receive an award of £300, we need your vote – so please give up a moment of your time and go to: and look for our logo. Don’t forget that if you are voting on this website for the first time, you will need to validate your email account afterwards.

So what next? We’re meeting up next week to iron out a few more details and go through the paperwork again to make sure we’re not forgetting anything; we’re going to source some training as we’ll be working with vulnerable adults; and we’ll be putting together some more funding applications.

In the meantime, a truly heartfelt “thank you” from us both to those wonderful people who have already donated money to this project. We know from our own personal experiences how important it will be to be able to provide this service. And we know just how much fun it is going to be.