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Relaunch, here we come!!!

Well, we’ve had so much interest shown in Craftable since November that it’s almost time to relaunch.  In preparation, there is now a funding campaign on Indiegogo hoping to raise £2000 by 3rd May 2015, and another to go in by post shortly.

So watch this space – news is imminent!

Temporary suspension

With deep regret, Craftable is being temporarily suspended due to personal problems.  Please rest assured this is not a permanent state of affairs, and regular Craftable meetings will relaunch at the earliest possible opportunity.  In the meantime, please keep checking back for details of coffee mornings or other meetups for a chance to meet us.  Details will be given here, on our Facebook page, and in local media online where possible.

More reasons to craft

A friend of mine just put a link to this web page on Facebook for me:

I would take this one step further and say “Don’t Stop Crafting”. I love everything to do with knitting, but there is so much satisfaction to be gained from cutting out fabric letters to glue on bunting, which is how Cherrie and I spent the afternoon.

Unfortunately, last week’s attempt at a fabric-covered notice board failed miserably – the sticky stuff we used dried out. So we also repaired that, and wait with bated breath to see if our second attempt survives the week. What matters is how much we have enjoyed the process!


We have now registered with Follow three steps and every time you buy from a huge number of online retailers, Craftable will benefit from a donation. It doesn’t matter how small the purchase or the donation – it all makes a huge difference to us.

Go to and register

Search for Craftable and register it as your chosen cause

Access your favourite retailers via the easyfundraising website and shop as normal. Your shopping won’t cost you any more – the retailers make the donation.

There is also a very handy toolbar you can download to remind you to access your shopping via the easyfunding website. You can bookmark your favourite shops to it, and keep track of the donations your shopping has raised.

What have we been up to?!?

This week has been really busy. We’ve sent off the paperwork for our bank account, taken our first donations, and had a really productive meeting with SAVS, Southend’s Association of Voluntary Services. As a result, we now know to whom we should be applying for funding, and have already submitted our first funding application to the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund. To become the People’s Choice and receive an award of £300, we need your vote – so please give up a moment of your time and go to: and look for our logo. Don’t forget that if you are voting on this website for the first time, you will need to validate your email account afterwards.

So what next? We’re meeting up next week to iron out a few more details and go through the paperwork again to make sure we’re not forgetting anything; we’re going to source some training as we’ll be working with vulnerable adults; and we’ll be putting together some more funding applications.

In the meantime, a truly heartfelt “thank you” from us both to those wonderful people who have already donated money to this project. We know from our own personal experiences how important it will be to be able to provide this service. And we know just how much fun it is going to be.

Our first AGM

On Friday, Cherrie and I  met up to go through all the paperwork, agree our Constitution and members’ agreements, and discuss the next actions needed.

We are several steps closer to holding our first group meeting – can’t wait!

Thanks to Cherrie for hosting, and for an excellent lunch!

Exciting times!

Please bear with us while the website is being built.  Steve is doing a fantastic job and I’m trying hard not to keep changing my mind!

Our aim is to keep the website as clear, uncluttered and user-friendly as possible.

Wish us luck with this new, exciting, scary, exhilarating enterprise!