Sociable Crafting



Who are we?

Craftable is a community not-for-profit group to promote sociable crafting for those who find it hard to leave their homes or feel isolated because of long-term physical or mental health conditions.


What do we do?

The aim of Craftable is to recognise that crafting isn’t, as often depicted, a solitary activity carried out in isolation; it’s something millions of people have in common, love to talk about, share, and enjoy together. By setting up this group we hope to reach people struggling to leave their homes or talk to other adults; to give them a reason to come out once a week, to learn a new skill or practise an old one, and to share with others in a similar position. As the group is only local and starting off small, there is currently only room for 10 members; but if you think you would benefit from meeting up in the heart of Southend  in a warm, friendly environment, please send Jen a message.

Craftable is currently run by Jen Snow with the invaluable help of Christine Davenport.